Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to Life

Today included a "back to life" experience. I was reunited with Carlos, my favorite stylist. I finally have a head that can endure a third-party washing, combing, and styling (if they are gentle - my right side is still tender), and I was ready for a "Carlos" caliber style (because he is a miracle worker who can read my cancer-riddled mind and give me the hair that I want). So off I went today for my first "real" haircut in more than six months. It was awesome! Carlos was running behind, so he treated me to a complimentary hot towel conditioning - a very pampering experience - before I got my turn in the chair.

Together we surveyed the reality of my roots, which are quite deep, since my last highlight appointment was before my surgery. Even my husband's best efforts to "say something nice" have failed to conceal the brutal truth about my two-toned coif. But under the circumstances I have been both too sore to endure a foil wrap, and too wary of putting so many chemicals into my head. I promised Carlos that I would check with my neuro-oncologist to see what she thinks about highlighting a head with cancer in it. Hopefully she will sanction the proposal. If not, well, I can always go as Cruella DeVille this Halloween.

So, no highlights for today. But a hot towel pampering and a super cut and style from the miracle worker made me feel like I was back to the good life again.

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Anonymous said...

Post a picture of the new Glam Hairstyle. I want to see the magical stylings of Carlos. Maybe it will warrant another trip to Dallas...

Miss you! I soooo need a shopping buddy here.