Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have a fervent wish to still be around when my son dons his graduation cap and gown, and tonight there is an opportunity to at least see one such moment. Jacob has his "Pre-K" class graduation tonight - in a ceremony complete with cap and gown. Pre-K graduation seems a little silly and contrived, but hopefully it will whet his appetite and give him a desire for many more graduation ceremonies to come. And hopefully this won't be the only one I get to attend.

Jacob is having some sentimental moments as he ponders the "goodbyes" from preschool teachers and friends. As he would tell me how much he misses someone, I let him know that when we love someone, we miss them when they are gone, and we are all the happier when we see them again. (Laying a foundation of understanding that hopefully he won't have to apply until he is an old man.)

We chose "Camp Mama-atta-homa" for his summer learning experience before he starts kindergarten in August. My first baby in kindergarten. It's exciting.

Meanwhile, my daughter, Emma (age 11 months) is threatening to walk. This milestone is imminent.

Kids grow so fast, because life in general moves so fast. On the one hand, I am so excited to see these milestones fly by, because maybe if they go fast enough, it will be easier for me to be around to see them. But sometimes it's just fun to slow down and savor the "today" moments, while it is still today.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Krista,

We also reached a milestone in our lives. Michael is three years in remission this month. It all seems like a distance memory most days. His scans/appointments are less frequent now and we are looking forward to his five year mark. I also look forward to celebrating your remission milestones for many years to come.

Judi Van Eperen