Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pray for Peace, People Everywhere

Remember that Christmas song, "Do You Hear What I Hear?" In my head I keep singing this line from it: "Pray for peace, people everywhere..."

I know that it's not Christmas. (Yay - I know the correct date - at least that neuro test passed!) Instead, it's MRI Eve. A time to pray for peace...and hopefully another accurate and reassuring scan.

We are coming up on nearly six months since my diagnosis of a cancer that has a 12-14 month statistical prognosis. The likelihood of tumor recurrence within the first 6-9 months is high. One news article once gave me the willies by talking about how "most" GBM patients see the first signs of a fatal recurrence within the first nine months. I have an uneasy feeling but strive to remain hopeful. After all, based on the way I can breeze through any neuro test (100...93...86...79...72...65...58...51...) and easily navigate a bike through my neighborhood, I would appear to be okay. So I hope that the MRI will agree.

There have been other nervous times before, and I was carried through those times on the faith and prayers of good family and friends. I look forward to that help again, for I know that many are praying (and some are even fasting) for me. Every one helps, and every one is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Krista. You are in my prayers. I pray for good news, along with strength and encouragement for you and your entire family. I will be checking for your update!


Kate said...

I too am praying for you . . . and am hopeful the news is good! :)
Kate (a former 2ofus4now-er)

Anonymous said...

I will ABSOLUTELY be praying for you on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Krista, my cousin has a brain tumer also and he reads your blogg on a regular basis. In his blogg last week he asked for prayers for you. He has a test like you just finished this Wednesday. He is hoping his results will be as good as yours.

Linda Mom of 3 girls said...

I hope you plant a garden of memories and continue to live in God's love. I lived in Arlington,Tx. for 6 years & just moved to FL. I am writing my funeral service. A friend of mine (we sang in the choir together) died in a car accident and I felt I should make my wishes known. I found your sight because I am searching for the English version of "How lovely is They Dwelling Place". I sang it many,many years ago and I loved it. I make memories and enjoy each moment. I am lucky to have good health, but being a nurse I have ministered to many patients. Love is God's greatest gift. May you live in the light of the resurrection. Linda
Here are some sights that have moved me: www.pathways-to and