Saturday, February 11, 2006

By Their Roots Ye Shall Know Them

I still look like a little "mangy" in a couple of spots where the radiation beams enter my head, which is expected. But so far it is still really hideable as long as I avoid certain hairstyles.

I do have this really awesome wig that was given to me by the social worker at the cancer center. It is a similar color and length to my own hair.

Sometimes I will run into someone who asks (with their eyes or with their voice) whether I'm "wigging" or whether I'm sporting what's left of my own hair. I'm often anxious to satisfy their curiosity on this topic, so here's a clue:

The answer is simple: "By their roots ye shall know them!"

That's right, baby! Even though my own hair keeps me covered so far, the thought has crossed my mind a couple of times to go for the hair hat, just because the roots look better! My own roots are long due for a touch-up by Carlos, but it's just not a good time for that. It's a minor visual annoyance to me, but as a couple of my gray strands start to pop up, I just remind myself that I'm envious of old age anyway.

So, hey, if you can see what I mean (and now I've drawn attention to my lousy roots!), you know I'm "keeping it real"! If you see me with perfect roots, you'll know that I'm in Astroturf mode (albeit a really cute Astroturf mode)!

We're having a really big cold front come through this weekend. I'm just glad there's SOMETHING on my head!!!


Anonymous said...


You give new meaning to the phrase "wigging out." I found an awesome wig the other day and I almost bought it just for those crazy bad hair/pushed the snooze too many times kinda days.

I think I'll go back and get it and then when you "wig out" for the first time, I'll "wig out" with you.

Love Ya Tons!


Christie said...


You make me smile and keep me going. When I need to laugh, you blog is where I come to sit, read, cry, laugh and learn. I love it.

You and your family continue to be in our prayers and thoughts.

Miss ya girl!


krista said...

This comment is totally unrelated to your entry, but the idea came to me one night when I was thinking of you. I know you mentioned video-taping, but I thought if you wrote letters and even bought special gifts to be given at certain times to your children, that it would be very special for them. Like a special note for when they graduate or get married or even birthdays or christmas. If you are still around (we all pray for that) then you can give it in person, if not, they will treasure the mementos you have for them for years to come. Since you have the energy--emotional and otherwise, it might be a good thing to do. Just a thought.