Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I am halfway through my radiation and chemotherapy regimen. Three weeks down, three weeks to go.

How is it going, many are asking?

(James Brown squeal) - I feel good!

Well, you know - I'm sure I felt better when I DIDN'T have a deadly cancer racing through my brain. But, hey - for someone who has had neurosurgery followed by three weeks of chemo and radiation, this seems to be a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Side effects update:

Nausea: None!
Fatigue: I need more sleep than I get, so I'm a little tired, but I usually have plenty of energy.
Hair loss: A little, but still hideable. Got my wig ready, but so far I've done without.
Neuro stuff: Doing great. Sometimes I can't find my keys, but what else is new?
Etc.: I'm doing fine. Some sunburn-type irritation on my scalp and right ear.

I mean, hey - I've been clog dancing any chance I can get! I've been blogging any chance I can get! I'm a clogging, blogging cancer patient, with a big smile on my face when I see my family and friends. (Okay, yeah, sometimes I'm boo-hooing in the bedroom on my own, but not nearly as often as you would think...) And I still have my singing voice. That was really important to me. And I can still work (that's important to me AND my clients) and do other stuff that makes my life a busy but fun experience. I just can't DRIVE! (I probably could, but I'm under doctor's orders not to.)

Okay, let me take a moment to knock all the wood I can find around me (even though I'm not all that superstitious)! So far, so good.

Since glioblastoma is so aggressive and so prone to recurrence, my chances of hanging around longer are greater if I'm not being torn apart by the treatments. Sometimes people succomb to the constant barrage of treatment, more so than the cancer itself. So if I can stay out of that pool of people, maybe that will be the beginning of miracles.

Most of all, I feel like I am being carried on the shoulders of so many who are praying for me. Those prayers sustain me, and I am hopeful that they will prolong my life. Prayer is an act of faith, and faith precedes the miracle. So thank you - all of you - who have remembered me in your prayers. It's helping - a lot - so keep them coming!

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krista said...

Thanks for putting up the family photo! I will put you on the Frankfurt temple prayer rolls next time I am there! Keep up the great blogging and great attitude, we (my husband and I) are rooting for you.