Monday, February 27, 2006

I can "T"!

Every Monday night is "family home evening" in our home. We are usually all home every evening, but this is a more formalized event centered around gospel teaching. My brother and sister-in-law also do this with their children, and they gave us the idea for their "SPLAT" format (which stands for Song and/or Scripture, Prayer, Lesson, Activity, Treat). So we SPLAT every Monday night.

Under my chemotherapy regimen I have been careful to eat an early dinner followed by nothing else, so that I can take my Temodar at bedtime on an empty stomach. This made Monday SPLAT workable except for the "T" for me (I just made sure there was something for my husband and son).

It's not a super huge deal, and I must say that the whole idea of not eating after dinnertime has been a great way to keep the scale in check despite being on steroids. But since last night was the last of my initial Temodar regimen, and I will be on a chemo break until April, it occurred to me this morning that the "T" I had planned for this evening's SPLAT would be available to all of us - including me! One of those little pleasures in life to get excited about!

However, with my being free to graze into the late evening again, we'd better be pulling on our clogging shoes a lot more often (headache or no headache). After all, I have an MRI coming up, and I want to fit into the tube!

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