Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Hair Fairy

Today as I was pondering the pieces of hair that have started to come out, it occurred to me that this was reminding me of another "loss" event - the loss of baby teeth! My son and I recently had "the talk" about baby teeth, and how someday (around age six) his baby teeth will get loose and wiggly and eventually fall out, one by one. The gap in his mouth will be noticeable, but fine, because a big tooth will soon grow in to replace the baby tooth. And he should collect the lost tooth, AND TELL DADDY ABOUT IT, and put the tooth under his pillow. That night, the tooth fairy will come for the tooth and leave a surprise under his pillow.

Likewise, the loss of at least part of my hair is an expected event somewhere during this process. Now it is finally starting to happen. My skin gets a little "loose" and itchy in small areas on my head, and as I "wiggle" that part of my hair, it eventually comes out in my hand. It may be noticeable, but fine (so far it's hideable, and if it gets too noticeable, I'll just literally "wig out"). So now I'm thinking I should collect the lost hair AND TELL MY HUSBAND ABOUT IT, and put the hair under my pillow. We can see if there is a hair fairy!

(Too bad there isn't a cancer fairy, who could just crawl in my ear and pick all the cancer cells out of my brain and leave me with a big fortune under my pillow!)

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