Monday, February 13, 2006

"Piece" and Peace

Okay, so despite all of my talk of roots and wigs and stuff, I ended up wearing a "piece" this past weekend. It was SO FUN!

My mom came up on Saturday and took me shopping (my favorite extra-curricular activity). As we browsed the local mall, we came upon a kiosk that sells hairpieces and extensions and stuff. I showed my "mangy-yet-still-hideable-for-now" plight to the sales lady, and within minutes she was working her magic on me with a couple of little filler pieces that wrap around a ponytail and jam onto my head with a comb. They were cute and curly and fun, and I was in the mood for a romantic look for this Valentine's weekend, so we went for it, and I went bouncing out of the mall with a fun new "do". (And by the way, as the sales lady was completing our transaction, she asked for my name so that she could pray for me. I was very touched.)

When we got home, my son looked at me and said with a grin, "You have funny hair, Mommy!" Luckily my husband's response was more favorable!

Mom also offered babysitting so that my husband and I could steal away for a date Saturday night. My hair was obviously all done, so I put on a nice outfit, and out we went! Our first thought was to head for one of our favorite restaurants, but then I realized that time is of the essence when it comes to dinner plans. I need to eat early, especially if something is heavier than normal, because my chemo medication is taken at night on an empty stomach. So we called the restaurant on our way there and explained the situation. No problem, they said. We told them our favorite entree, and they packed it up for us "to go", complete with salad and bread, and even real utensils and cloth napkins (since they didn't have disposable utensils and napkins). By the time we arrived at the restaurant it was ready for us to pick up. We ended up parking our Explorer, folding down the seats, and having a romantic little picnic in the back while Lionel Ritchie crooned to us from the CD player. And then we talked and talked and cried and talked - just liked our dating years (except we didn't cry so much back then)! One of the things we always liked about our relationship was how it felt when we sat and talked about everything and anything and nothing. And Lionel Ritchie provided the musical backdrop for those moments back then, too. It was a sweet, peaceful moment. And then after we ate, my husband topped off the night by taking me SHOPPING! (He knows me really well.) It was wonderful.

I wore my "piece" again on Sunday to church, where I was once again filled with peace and joy and love. As the choir director and the Primary music director, I combined both groups for a darling rendition of "Love One Another" during our sacrament meeting service. They sang their hearts out and made my heart sing. Even my son (who is usually too shy to come forward when the Primary group sings) came up there with his daddy (my favorite tenor in our choir) and sang his little heart out. A peaceful, joyful moment.

One of many highlights of my Sunday also included the first in a series of "recording sessions" that have been offered to me by a dear friend. He is a master musician and has a virtual recording studio in his home. He called my husband shortly after my diagnosis and offered to let me come and record my voice in his studio. This way my family will always be able to hear me sing. Yesterday was my first session. We were able to capture four different songs, including two lullabies that I normally sing to my kids (including that "Two Little Shoes" song for my son). We made plans for more, including some duets with my husband, which will be extra special. It was really nice.

A nice, peaceful, "piece"-ful, and joyful weekend!


kari said...

I actually got one of those for me too! They have "memory" curl so even if it rains on it the curl holds! Mine was a little too long for me so I ended up sending it back. My 2 oldest daughters (ages 9 & almost 8) really wanted one and I was able to get one for one daughter the other daughter we're still waiting for them to get in her color.!sf&o= (Don't know if that link will work, but it's Toni Brattin's line from This is where we ordered them and these "pieces" are good quality and very realistic looking! And they are beautiful and quick and easy!!

By the way, you are so articulate and it always makes for an interesting and fun read! Thank you!

Kim said...

Hi Krista,

Cancer sucks, but so does not having a sense of humor and perspective, and you have the latter in spades!

I don't have cancer (but have known many who have) but I do have a lifelong disability (one your brother may have heard of!). What will get you through everything is laughter and perspective.

Good luck to you in your battle and I wish you peace, strength and courage.

Oh, and since I'm sure you're curious, I found you through Heather in TX's blog.