Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Homecoming Day Photo

...Just thought I'd share our updated family picture, taken on our son's "Homecoming Day" - March 15. (See, I told you I have more hair than my husband!) I'm also sporting my "Livestrong" band as I hold on tight to my little boy's dear hand, and I'm clinging like Velcro to my Prince Charming as we both hug our baby girl. Our for-evvvvvv-er family. Thousands of years from now, after we all have our turn to go the way of the earth, we'll still be a family. We'll still hold tight to each other. We'll still love each other. The sorrows of mortal life will be a sad but distant memory, while the joys of our relationships will continue to be vivid and bright.


Kari said...

I LOVE that picture!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to see pictures! And Happy "Homecoming" for you guys and your little Jacob!

Krista said...

I love pictures too! Thanks for posting it. Hope your family enjoys all the celebrating and a lot more to come!

stan bauman said...

Beautiful family. We miss you Krista.

byeli said...

thanks for sharing another photo. i can hear you say the words that you have writen. forevvvvver families we shall be, "the first in life for which the last was made" did robert browning really know what he was saying? it doesn't matter. he got those lines correct.
love ya
elizabeth Butler-Demma

Kendall said...

Beautiful family. Always thought you guys made a great couple, even back in school :^) Love you guys always.