Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Blog is Blank!

It's nice to know that people notice when something is up! I received a flurry of emails from concerned readers, who noticed that my blog was "blank" when they went to my URL. Sure enough, I had the same problem. I have notified Blogger.com, and hopefully they are fixing it. Meanwhile, I am posting this in the hopes that it will kickstart a new publishing of my blog in order to restore it. And meanwhile, for those who kindly expressed concern for me, rest assured that the problem lies with Blogger.com, not with "the blogger"!

p.s. - I think it helped!


cyberCHICK said...

Sometimes my blog is blank and it just take "republishing" it to fix the problem. It seems to be fixed now - so maybe when you posted a new post, that did it!

I love reading your blog btw and wish you and your family the very best!

Proud Daughter of Eve said...

Good to see you're back!

Brendan said...

Noticed the same on my own blog.

Anyway, I wish you and your family all the best, Krista! God bless and keep you!