Friday, March 17, 2006

My Dream Team

I've decided to be completely shameless in promoting a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. They have been very generous in their support resources for me, and they also provide a lot of good education that may help save lives through early detection (unless, of course, you have glioblastoma multiforme, for which there is no early detection). The other reason I am participating in this fundraiser is that it is an activity that I CAN do. It's life-affirming, because it is a physical activity. It's the Relay For Life.

The Relay For Life is going to take place on May 5 & 6 in Plano, Texas. It starts at 7 pm on Friday, and goes until 7 am on Saturday (because cancer never sleeps). The way this event works is that each team has to have someone walking or running on the track during the 12-hour relay. So obviously, the bigger the team, the less time each person has to spend on the track! There will also be special things there to honor cancer survivors and memorialize those who have lost their battle. It's a very super-cool thing, and I am just really excited to do this. And I think it can become a really fun event, where we camp and eat and play and take turns on the track. They will provide food and t-shirts and stuff for those who participate.

I sent out an obnoxious email to as many people as I could, asking them to join my team. Now I am being equally obnoxious by posting information in my blog. I hope to form a really big team and have lots of fun. For those who are interested in joining my team, simply go to and sign up to be on "Krista's Dream Team". While you are on the website there will also be opportunities to make a donation and dedicate a luminaria to a friend or loved one (cancer survivor or lost battle with cancer), which will be displayed at the event.

I look forward to hopefully seeing lots of these readers there!

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Faith said...

Joe and I are so there!
Love ya--