Monday, December 19, 2005

The Good Life

Life is measured in quality rather than quantity. We all want more quantity, to be sure. I desperately want more quantity. But I have had the opportunity to measure the quality of my life. Here's a brief summary:

1. I have been born of goodly parents who have taught me the gospel principles and values that comprise my spirit today. They gave me unconditional love and a big ego and much good advice.
2. I have been married to the great love of my life. My husband is the most incredible man in the world. He is the most incredible husband. From the time I first fell in love with him 23 years ago, and during our 17-plus years of marriage, we have been partners in a great love story that will hopefully outlast time itself.
3. After years of waiting and hoping and praying, I was finally given the opportunity to adopt two wonderful children. Being a mother to Jacob and Emma has been a constant source of joy.
4. I have been blessed with wonderful talents and abilities, and opportunities to use them in many ways.
5. I have enjoyed professional success, personal enrichment, and the love of many. I am surrounded by wonderful people who are so good to me.
6. I have been prepared for all of my circumstances with learning experiences. Some have been hard and bitter. But life has always prepared me for life, and I have been given valuable lessons to prepare me for all that I need to endure.
7. While it comes with a bitter price tag when morality brings separation, I have been blessed with great love. Amazing love. Love that returns tenfold (or more) on my investment. It will bring sorrow upon separation, but it will also bring an eventual joyous reunion someday.
8. I have friends who will laugh with me, cry with me, pray for me, and comfort me.

I do not have adequate space to continue this list. But let it suffice: I have lived a good life. I have a life that I can be grateful for. I wish that it could be longer. I wish that so much. None of us is guaranteed a particular quantity of life. But even if that quantity were depleted today, I could still shed grateful tears for a very good life.

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