Friday, December 30, 2005

Poems from Auntie Theresa

These were too good not to share - thanks and (((HUGS))) to my Aunt Theresa:

A Prayer
by Theresa Olesen dedicated to Krista

Thy will, Oh Lord, not mine be done.
Yet, please remember my daughter and son.
Remember my husband, and the dear ones I love,
Watch over us all, from Thy throne up above.
To my dearest Savior, I look for my strength,
He gave an example, and the bitter cup drank.
May angels attend me. Heal... if Thou wilt
But on the rock of my Savior, my faith will be built.

by Theresa Olesen dedicated to all who know Krista

Have I told you today that I love you?
Have I hugged you or sung you a song?
Have I heeded the needs of my neighbor?
Have I sought to right all my wrongs?
If I knew I were dying tomorrow,
What behaviors would I change today?
If my time on earth were ending,
Would I quickly remember to pray?
Let's not put off to do till tomorrow,
The things that are needed today.
Let's remember the poor and the needy,
Let's remember to laugh, love, and pray.
Let's take time to honor our loved ones.
Let's be kind and tolerant to all.
For we never know the moment,
When for us, Heaven will call.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Edit of line in poem:

Let's not put off till tomorrow...

Instead of: "Let's not put off to do tomorrow."

It fits the rhythmn better and I fixed on my copy.
=) Auntie Theresa