Saturday, December 03, 2005

Top ten theories: why I have a tumor

Based on input from family and friends:

10. Those darn cell phones
9. Bad acne gone awry
8. All those fertility drugs I took a few years ago
7. God's way of making me less of a control freak
6. Life's irony - after all, I have a degree in psychology because I was always fascinated with the brain, and my grade school science fair project was all about the brain (and featured a pickled dog brain in a jar as a prop)
5. A life experience to help me serve others in the future (we joked about how I formed an infertility support group called "2ofus4now", and so now I can make a tumor support group called "tumor4usnow")
4. Stress, stress, and more stress
3. I inherited my grandma's sister's brain "cysts", which she had surgically removed, and still lived to be 97 years old
2. The repeated olfactory assault from my daughter's diapers (causing me to have smell hallucinations as a defense mechanism)
1. Because I hold in my sneezes instead of spraying everyone (my personal favorite, theorized by my mom and my brother, Mike)


Heather said...

LOVE your theories! Great laughing stuff!

Anonymous said...


We were late in finding out both about your precious baby girl and about your brain tumor. I found out both things on the same day -- so my emotions went from elation to devastation within minutes. First of all, CONGRATULATION on baby Emma! How wonderful for you and your family. When you are recovered, I would love to hear all the details surrounding her arrival. Please know that our prayers are with you in this surgery. May the Lord bless you and keep you in his tender care. We will continue to follow your updates on your blog site.

With love,

Leslie Bluhm

Anonymous said...

My 77 year old father was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, stage 4 last Tuesday. He had surgery Friday. He had the GlioWafers implanted during the resection.

Two days in ICU, two days on the neuro floor, and he went home today!

He's elected to go through the radiation and chemotherapy.

I just hope that I can give him a big hug on his 80th birthday, and I'll buy him the biggest birthday candle that will fit on a chocolate cake! (his favorite)

When you have your 50th birthday party, I want to be there. (I like chocolate cake, too, ya know.)

Take care, and God Bless.

t'WIN said...

my twin left Earth Aug 2007 from Glioma and I felt she was so strong.We are LDS and that helped us so much. You soumd so strong too. My twin was a freelance writer.. she would have loved your style and wit. I am an adoptive mom too. What cuties! I hope you win this fight, if it is His will. If not, I pray your family strength and comfort.
I am brain tumor survivor 1997