Monday, January 16, 2006


Just to add a little suspense to the moment...

I started feeling the seasonal allergies in full force yesterday, and then today I woke up feeling congested and icky. Normally, at this time of year, when the winter cold snap surrenders to a slight warming trend, something blooms and gives me a good allergy attack. It often progresses to a sinus infection or a winter cold. So as I woke up this morning on my first day of chemo, I was very concerned.

My always-responsive oncologist nurse practitioner said that if I felt really bad, I could postpone for a little while (as long as I start this week). The Temodar (chemo drug) is taken at night, so I am still trying to decide whether to go for it or postpone tonight (and I have to decide soon). I've been loading up on fluids to try and help me get better. Infection prevention is always a high priority, and when my son coughed this evening, I really started to worry. So if you are one of the many who has prayed for me (thank you thank you), I wouldn't mind if another one was offered up to help me quickly recover so that I can safely endure the chemo.

Another, happier development is that my radiation treatment has finally been scheduled. I start on Wednesday and go every weekday for six weeks. It's another reason to start the Temodar soon.

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