Monday, January 09, 2006

Popcorn, Frog, Basketball, and Relief!

I woke up today, anxious for my neuro-oncologist visit, and I still felt very worried about whether the records and MRI films were going to get there in time for the appointment.

I called the neuro-oncologist's office and found out that everything they needed had been received, except for the MRI films (and they would cancel the appointment if I don't come with films). I called my neurosurgeon's office again and (MIRACLE!) got a live person. She told me that she didn't think they had the MRI films; that the doctor probably left them at the hospital after surgery. So I called the hospital and (HOORAY) they were able to print out another copy for me to bring with to my appointment. It was a huge relief.

The neuro-oncologist appointment was really great. At first, on the way there, I felt apprehensive, kind of like when I try to look at the books or emailed information about brain cancer. But I just reminded myself to take things a step at a time. This was just one step, and a step forward, which is good. The visit was quite reassuring. The doctor is very well qualified and knowledgeable, and was able to address all my questions. I feel very good about her. My dad was my chauffer and appointment buddy (to help me remember things during the visit), which was also very helpful.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the radiation oncologist. On Wednesday I go back to the neuro-oncologist's office for chemotherapy "training", and then I will take daily chemo pills during radiation treatment. Radiation treatment will likely be five days per week for six weeks. This will be a marathon experience. I go in weekly for blood tests to check white and red blood cell counts. And monthly for MRI scans. After radiation, I will change to chemo five days per month. That's the beginning plan. We have a game plan. Getting ready to start.

The nice thing is that much of the anxiety I had in anticipation of today has been greatly relieved. I still feel a little affected by the reality of the situation, but I have much to be grateful for.

p.s. - POPCORN, FROG, and BASKETBALL are three words that are still going through my head right now. As the doctor gave me some neuro tests, she said those three words and told me to remember them. At the end of the appointment, I remembered two out of three. I don't think I'll forget any of them anymore! :)


Debbie Stahmann said...


Went on your blog and read more today. I've had you on my mind. I love reading about your experience. It's faith-promoting and inspiring to me. I hope all goes well with the treatments. It sounds like you have great support. Good luck with it all.

elizabeth said...

in your informaion you forgot to put perfect alto. i just found out about your cancer. i'm so sorry. i have been reading your entries and i must say they are so you. an inspiration, a great mom, a fabulous wife, and on higher ground than most of us, and this was before the cancer. i too shall put your name in the temple (st louis)
rock on my friend
the elizabeth part of the demma's

elizabeth said...

i forgot to say... remember the time we got TPed by the bishop? of course this was after we sent him a virgin margarita and had them sing happy 50th birthday and he was only 40? i remember singing handel with you.

Candice B. said...

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John said...

They sure like to use Popcorn a lot. My 3 words to remember have been some mix of Tree, Raccoon, Popcorn, and Bicycle (those are all I can remember at the moment). I now start practicing spelling World and Horse backwards while I'm in the waiting room drawing my box and clock and writing my sentence. D-L-R-O-W, E-S-R-O-H.