Sunday, January 08, 2006

Music Therapy

Today was a wonderful milestone: I was able to return to church today and spend time as the music director for the Primary organization (the children's organization). I have worked in this calling for a long time, and I have missed being away from it for so many weeks. I still have many limitations, such as not being able to drive, and being subject to fatigue very easily, but I was still able to spend some time teaching these adorable children how to sing a new song.

Our family just returned home, and I am pretty tired but blogging very quickly before my husband (the Nap Nazi) catches me still awake. I'm just very happy that I could spend some of this time today in "music therapy". I think next week I will also be able to resume my duties as the choir director at our church. I hope I will have the energy to do it, because I also consider it to be therapeutic.

My six-year-old niece, who is beyond adorable and always full of faithful insights, told her dad that if I died, "Maybe it's because she's supposed to lead the choir for the Second Coming!" Her comment made me giggle. Actually, if I had to go, I guess I would like a job like that. I sometimes make a silly picture in my head of telling the heavenly choir members to drop their jaws and breathe properly. Maybe we could sing something by Handel. Maybe he will be there to help out. Maybe it would be music therapy during that transition from Earth to what comes next.

However, I remain prayerful (and today I was happy to find that many others were prayerful, too) that my days here might be extended. I'm sure leading a heavenly choir would be a great job. But meanwhile, I think our church choir is already quite heavenly, as is the choir of children's voices in our Primary group. I hope to keep those jobs, and enjoy that music therapy, for a long, long time.

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