Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Great, Unanswered Question of Life

What is the great, unanswered question of life?

"Where did I come from?" - No, I know the answer to that one.
"What is the purpose of life?" - Got that one, too!
"Why me?" - Read yesterday's blog post for my answer!

Those questions are easy. What I REALLY want to know is:

"What will finally clean the sticky residue from my bandages????"

I've tried soap, alcohol, acetone (from nail polish remover), and a myriad of other household solvents. And yet the black sticky outline remains as evidence of having been taped back together after an IV or needle stick. The bandage residue from the I.V.'s and etc. during my surgery (SIX WEEKS AGO) finally surrendered and wore off, but I still carry the badge of honor from this week's blood test.

Maybe some guru on a mountain, or some medical version of Heloise (the hints lady) will tell me the secret for removing adhesive residue. And then they will probably tell me not to use it, though, because it might cause brain cancer.


AmyLee said...

Try baby oil or cuticle oil. It get's hot wax off.

Heather said...

Try goo gone or undu. Undu is used in crafts to remove adhesives - I don't know why it wouldn't work on bandage adhesive!

Anonymous said...

Rubbing alcohol works good, it may take some time, but it works.

Teri said...

Krista - I have always used rubbing alcohol. It dries it off as you rub and rub, and it comes off by 'crumbling off'. Try it! It works!

Still loving you and praying for you!

Teri 9