Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Your Money or Your Life

I had a great visit today with the neuro-oncologist's nurse practitioner. She did the training for my chemotherapy, and it was extremely helpful. I start chemo on Monday. My radiation will be either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or will bump to the week afterward.

One minor moment of fear and trepidation has to do with the issue of my prescription chemo medication. During the training meeting I was asked if my insurance covered prescription drugs, (it does) and whether I paid a co-pay or a percentage (looks like it's usually a co-pay). I was then told that this is a big bargain for me, because the 42-day supply of Temodar (chemo drug) runs upwards toward $10,000. If my insurance covers this drug, we should be just fine. If they don't, we are adding financial stress on top of the cancer stress mountain. I was told that the manufacturer does offer an assistance program for patients who can't afford their drugs, but I have no idea what that means. We won't know until tomorrow (when we pick up the prescription from the pharmacy) what the true cost is going to be.

We know that paying a full tithe allows the "windows of heaven" to pour out blessings. We have been faithful tithe-payers and as a result have realized those blessings. We have always had what we needed, financially. We are hoping for another "tithing blessing" wherein the insurance will cover this drug, and have added it to our prayers.


WendyLou said...

I am so hoping that the insurance covers your medications. I hope that your treatment goes well and you do not get too sick. Zofram is a prescription to help with nausea during Chemo.

Prayers headed your way.

Anonymous said...

I took Zofran when I was pregnant and extremely ill - it worked miracles for me and I didn't lose my baby, but holy cow girl - DRINK DRINK DRINK some water! That stuff will stop you up for DAYS! :(