Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tickle, Tickle

When I go in for my radiation treatments, I often think about the energy "tickling" parts of my brain. I once read an explanation of why radiation treatment can cause nausea, which said it is because there are certain nausea receptors in the brain that sometimes get tickled by the radiation.

Well, I guess that part of my brain isn't ticklish. My tummy is doing fine during my chemo and radiation treatments. I don't even have to take the anti-nausea medication that I was prescribed, "just in case". But I must say that yesterday I was "tickled" in many other ways, by many simple delights throughout the day, and it was great!

It started in the morning with the realization that (yippee!!) it was my husband's day off. His amazing employer (remember, everyone - buy LOTS of Mary Kay stuff!) has a flex time program, where he works an extra hour a day and has every other Friday off. It's always a delight when that Friday comes up.

Actually, I guess it started a few minutes before then, when I was awakened by our son. He woke up early and came downstairs to our room for cuddles. Hugging on my two favorite guys always tickles my heart strings.

Then, as I got ready for my radiation appointment, I discovered that I had dropped a jeans size. (Hey, we already know miracles are possible, but it's always nice to see one happen!) That was kind of fun! In an earlier post I hoped that lightening up my spirits would make my body follow suit, and it did! Okay, actually, I know it's because I'm eating less and eating better, and I'm pulling on those clogging shoes whenever I can. I didn't expect results like that yet, especially while still on steroids, so when my "you wish" jeans went on without a problem, I was tickled pink! I even looked for a pink shirt to put on, because I remembered thinking how "tickled pink" I felt.

I got a really great tickle after my radiation treatment. As I was saying my goodbyes to the amazing women who perform my treatment, one of them pressed a little surprise into my hand: several packets of Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover Wipes!!!! She had read my blog and had the answer to the "great unanswered question of life"! This is one of many examples of how thoughtful they always are. It was awesome! I was really tickled at that point, and was actually bouncy as we headed out the door. I knew it was going to be a great day.

There were many more: the surprise phone call from my grandmother, other surprise calls and emails from clients, former co-workers, and other friends who have offered many things to help me.

To top off a wonderful day, I enjoyed "date night" with my husband. We went to dinner and attended the temple and had a wonderful time together (as always). As I rested safely in his arms on my way to the best night's sleep that I have had in a while, I remembered with a smile that long, long ago, in the early days of our friendship, back in those junior and senior high school days before we started dating, we had a little flirtatious thing going on at the drinking fountain at school, where we would sneak up and tickle each other.

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