Monday, January 16, 2006

...and lift off

No aborted launch today. I took my chemotherapy pills. I decided that even though I felt a little icky, I was probably okay enough to proceed. I am on chemo. I am a cancer patient. (Well, DUH - I've been a cancer patient for over a month now, but another reality sinks in...)

Part of me wants to put on a baseball cap and look like one of those cute little cancer kids. Part of me is a little surprised at how simple this process was. Took some pills according to a schedule. There was (of course) no magic thundering in my body or anything like that. Nothing really scary. No drama. Just swallowed the pills. I'm on chemo. The first of 42 days. It could help prolong my life, at least longer than it would be without treatment. It could maybe help bring about the miracle (sometimes God works through natural means or through the inspired work of other people). And on the other hand, based on the informed consent information, it could kill me. But hopefully not that last one.

No side effects yet, but, hey - it's been less than an hour since I took the pills! I just hope and pray that this chemo will be as effective as possible while preserving the healthy functions of my body.


Kristine said...

Hey Krista!

Kristie Here..... yes from Primrose :-) I just want you to know that you, Jacob and Emma are always on my mind and in my heart. If there is anything that I can do, please let me know. You are such a great mom, and you have two of the sweetest babies, you are truely blessed. Your sense of humor is wonderful.... Gosh I wish I were as strong as you. Hang in there and just remember "its" in the Lords hands. I wake up everyday and wonder what the Lord has lined up for me today? One day at a time, heck one second at a time..... I'll check in tomorrow to see how your doing

Luv ya,

Anonymous said...

here's a new experimental treatment in the news today

thanks for sharing your experiences.